5 Years!

Today is our FIVE year anniversary!

And…..today is Friday :)

Feeling happy, tired and a bit buzzy from champagne, so will keep this short.


Much like this day, five years ago, when I asked Janou to pleeaaaaase bring me a bagel from the hotel continental breakfast, this morning also began with bagels. David picked up bagels and coffee from Beauty’s Bagels (aaaaamazing), a delightful start to the anniversary.


Tonight, we celebrated with a champagne toast with special guests, Janou, Mom and Diego, together at our apartment. David and I then celebrated our anniversary with a delicious dinner at A Cote.

Grateful for that beautiful July day, five years ago. And beyond thankful, just feeling so much gratitude to celebrate five years of marriage with David today.

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4th of July

We stayed close to home for this holiday, and ended up having a really delightful Independence Day.

David and I did the Alameda 4th of July 5K, and Vanessa generously watched Diego at her house during the run.

After the run, we met up with Diego and Vanessa along the parade route. I *think* this was my first 4th of July parade, and it was awesome. Incredible  cars, bands, performances by many different community groups and cultural organizations. For the past few years, I’ve struggled with how to celebrate the holiday while still remaining aware of the many problems this country is facing and initiating. The parade was a beautiful reflection of our nation’s beauty and reminded me that our incredible diversity will always be what propels our country forward.

Diego was enthralled by it all, and I loved watching him take it all in. As we were going to sleep last night, David and I were talking about what a fun day it was. Sometimes, parenting is no fun at all, and sometimes it a blast. Watching Diego discover and delight in new things is the best-it made for a wonderful morning.

I won’t pretend I wasn’t super frustrated when we came home and Diego decided he was too amped up to nap. Oof! I calmed down when I remembered that the holiday was a bonus day. Usually, on the weekends, if he doesn’t nap, I lose it. Those few hours are the only weekly break from work/childcare responsibilities, and I treasure them. When I remembered it was a free day, and we had the whole weekend ahead, it helped me relax. We watched some Daniel Tiger, baked a banana bread and went for a walk. I couldn’t believe what a ghost-town our neighborhood, I’ve never see the street so silent. Kind of eerie, but cool.

We ended the day hanging out in the backyard, and David barbecued steak tacos and corn. A happy 4th of July for all :)


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Redding and Rockridge weekend

It is Tuesday and a super short week, but I’m still thinking about our summer weekend. Some weekends there’s too much going on, other weekends it is too chore heavy, but this weekend was just right. A delightful combination of playing, sunshine, and quiet time at home.

Katie, Parker and Jack were visiting Redding for the week, and I couldn’t miss an opportunity to see them while they were in California. On Friday afternoon, Diego and I drove up north, and we made surprisingly good timing.

We walked in the house, immediately changed in to swimsuits, and jumped in the pool. Floating in the water, in actual dry heat, in the sun, holding Diego, was blissful. The kids ate pizza and ice cream for dinner on a picnic blanket, and watching them on the patio, in their swimsuits on the warm evening felt so quintessentially summer, it made me so happy.

Diego had a tougher time staying asleep in a new place, so Katie and I didn’t stay up too late talking, but it was still really nice to have a little quiet time with a glass of wine.

The immense joy of seeing your best friends become beautiful mothers may only be eclipsed by the joy of seeing their children befriend your child. Diego adores Parker, and wanted to follow his lead with whatever he was doing all weekend. It was a very special weekend, full of walks to see the ducks, more pool time, and lots of giggles.

The ride home took a bit longer, but it was actually really nice to listen to podcasts and do some thinking.  I rarely have hours of time in a car anymore (and I’m not complaining!) but it was nice way to listen and reflect.

David was in New York for work and came home Saturday night. After all the excitement from Saturday, we kept things super low key on Sunday. Diego and David went to the farmers market, and I barely left the 100 meter radius of our apartment and Trader Joe’s. A month ago, a day like that would make me crazy, just absolutely stir-crazy. Thankfully, now that we have some more space, it was really nice to be quiet and close. We ended the day with our first barbecue in the new apartment, and it was delicious. And, now, another little break is almost here as it is almost the 4th of July!

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10ish Moments in May

Hello, June! We’re driving to Stockton for a Father’s Day BBQ. David’s listening to the A’s game, Diego is napping, so thought I would stop by and scrapbook some memories from May:

1) San Joaquin River Walk

We celebrated an early Mother’s Day with Silvia with a morning walk. This picture is just too much-Diego looks like he’s 15.

2) Napa Day Trip

The following week, we went to Napa for the day. The best part of the day was definitely burgers and shakes at Gotts. The wineries were slammed and far more crowded than anytime I’ve been before. Lesson learned-a hot summer weekend day is not the best for a Napa day trip. Still, it was beautiful :)

3) Maryland Retreat

Justice in Aging held an all-staff retreat in Maryland at a beautiful retreat center north of Baltimore. We do these retreats every few years and it’s so refreshing to step away from the day-to-day to have the time and mental space to think about our work. We’re also scattered across different offices, and it’s always nice to be together.

4) 20 hours in Philly!

After the retreat, I stayed a few extra days to squeeze in a short but wonderful reunion trip with Katie and Kelleen. This was only my second time in Philly, and it made me wish we had more time. All our meals were incredible, but I think my favorite was a cozy brunch at The Dandelion.

It might be a while until the three of us are together again, so I’m super grateful we were able to make this quick trip happen.

5) That two year old life

Diego is keeping us on our toes, living his toddler life. Toddler emotions are so big! And he’s so tender. Right now, he’s loving spending any and every moment outside, playing with his trucks, eating potatoes and bread, except at daycare where Joyce miraculously convinces him to eat veggies, reading the “Boom Boom Book”, and looking at pictures of himself :)

6) Lake Temescal

While packing for our move (to the apartment next door), we quickly realized prepping toddler meals without a kitchen would be quite challenging. We spent a few evenings picnicking at Lake Temescal. Getting out of the apartment-packing chaos and getting fresh air made the whole thing (slightly) more manageable.

7) Memorial Day BBQ

The Dillons hosted a delicious BBQ for Memorial Day and Diego was thrilled to run around with his buddies and listen to Yasser read one of his favorite books.

8) C+ C Essay



When I was a 1L, I let harsh words from a “TA” (a glorified 2L) totally wreck my writing confidence. 12 years later, I’m finally realizing my reaction was ridiculous. Step 1 in re-gaining that confidence? Just writing when I can. In March, I submitted an essay to Coffee and Crumbs. They included it in then May essays, and it was exciting and encouraging to see it posted.

8) San Diego weekend!

Wrote more about that earlier-an awesome city and quick trip :)

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Dear Diego,

Considering the fact that your mother is unquestionably unenthusiastic when it comes to all things “sport” related, I have an odd tendency to associate family memories with major sporting events. Your dad and I started dating during UCLA’s basketball glory days, in 2007, as the team advanced to their second consecutive Final Four. The day we got married, excitement was high, both due to our wedding, and the fact that Argentina was set to play Germany in the World Cup final the next morning. And on the most memorable Daylight Savings Day of my life, when the hospital clocks were all off and I had absolutely no sense of time, you were born at 10:37 pm. It was also Selection Sunday 2017. I spent most of those hazy newborn weeks feeding you and half-watching college basketball. To this day, if I hear Coldplay’s Something Just Like This, I almost feel a 6lb baby napping on my chest.

Today was another BIG SPORTS DAY. Here in Oakland, the city was absolutely on fire, overwhelmed with emotion following last night’s NBA Championship Game. I missed the whole thing (you were being…fussy…during bath-time). Everyone was buzzing this morning about Kevin Durant’s devastating injury and the Warrior’s perseverance.

The Warrior’s win wasn’t the only thing firing up Oakland today—the city is experiencing a wild heatwave. Generally, this is the time of year when friend’s ice cream and pool IG posts feel far away, as I pull out another scarf and hope the afternoon sun breaks through the June Gloom.

Not today. The air was completely stiff when I picked you and your friend Siana up from daycare. My air conditioning plan-the library-was foiled when the power went out in Berkeley. We drank icy Motts juice packets on the steps, and cheered with the library staff when the power and AC returned. After flipping through T-Wreck-Asauras, the baby faces book, and pulling down about a million others, it was time to walk home.

At this point, there was a mild breeze. As you held my hand and we pushed Siana in the stroller, I thought, thank you for this, thank you for summer. It really felt like summer, your hands sticky from juice, your curls standing up, that ridiculous 12 Month baseball shirt you insisted on wearing this morning, stuck to your tiny sweaty body.

We walked by two young kids kicking a soccer ball in their front yard. You stopped, mesmerized by your two favorite sights: older kids and a ball. We watched for a long time, until one child got bored and sat on the porch. The other one rolled the ball to you, and your face lit up. You rolled it back, and soon you began kicking and throwing it back and forth.

You were on fire. Giggling, running, thrilled by the attention from this older child, giddy with being a part of this brief game.

Eventually, her mom came outside, it was time for her to go to another activity. Siana’s mom joined us and we thanked the soccer player and her mom profusely, telling them how much her kindness made your day.

A few hours before your soccer game, there was another game. Team USA destroyed Thailand in the Women’s World Cup. From the news alerts I skimmed, it was a big deal. Watching the front yard soccer kicking, the moms noted how sweet the moment was, particularly with USA playing afternoon.

I can’t blame my lack of sports interest on historic sexism against women athletes. I’ve just never been interested. Still, it is not lost on me that women’s sports get far less attention, far less money, far less everything than men’s sports. It seems, from my very minimal knowledge, the tide is changing, very slowly, very incrementally. And seeing you watch the neighbor play soccer tonight, with total admiration, total awe, made me excited for the future. How lucky are we, how lucky am I, to raise a son during a time when his sports heroes can be men and women? Both in the celebrity and neighbor form?

Since I didn’t watch it, I don’t expect to remember USA’s 13-0 victory of Thailand in the 2019 World Cup. But I hope I remember this hot summer afternoon. I hope I remember your delight, the budding soccer player’s generosity toward you, the simple scene of an orange ball on the front lawn, while three moms watched on with pride. I hope I remember this.

This post was written as part of a blog hop with Exhale—an online community of women pursuing creativity alongside motherhood, led by the writing team behind Coffee + Crumbs. Click here to read the next post in this series “Remember This.”



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