Dillon Beach

During our first summer back in CA, Shaiya organized an amazing surprise 30th birthday weekend for Sachin in Yosemite-and a whole group of us tagged along :) That weekend sparked a happy tradition of a winter/summer weekend trips-in Tahoe, Santa Cruz, Tahoe again, and Point Reyes.

This year, we decided on Dillon Beach for a winter weekend. It was unbelievably gorgeous.

All of these photos are from the deck of the house-the view was unreal!

We all decided take a vacation day on Monday and do a Saturday – Monday weekend. This worked out REALLY well as everyone was able to avoid traffic and start the trip early and relaxed.

We had to be out of our house that whole week (grrrrrrrrr tenting and fumigation for wood beetles-so so so frustrating) so David and I extended the weekend. After work on Friday, we stayed at the Doubltree in Berkeley.

I picked it for the great rate (and the chocolate cookies) but it ended up being a really nice hotel! It rained the whole time, but I imagine the view of the Berkeley Marina is gorgeous when it’s sunny.

The next day, after picking up my favorite kale Caesar salad from our beloved and very missed Market Hall, we drove to my office holiday party.  I love that we do our holiday party after the stress and busyness of the holiday season-everyone is relaxed and it’s something to look forward to in the winter. It was so nice to spend the afternoon together-and the surprise baby celebration was extra special :)

It was a relatively short drive from Oakland to Dillon Beach-much easier than going to Point Reyes-and after winding through some gorgeous pastures and farmland, we pulled up to the house….


…and hunkered down right here for the next 48 hours.

With this view, there really wasn’t any need to leave.


We’re now a pretty large group, but the house had space for everyone.  And, most importantly, a massive kitchen.


Saturday night, Jon made bo ssam and Zac made kimchi and ginger scallion sauce and it was all amazing.



Sunday was rainy, and I was feeling pregnant and tired. I never made it to the actual Dillon Beach-opted for a game of Scrabble with David and a nap–but I hope to go someday! Later that evening, Super Bowl prep began.  Everyone brought or made their favorite junk food (my favorites: Brian’s Buffalo Chicken Dip, Molly’s Endive Goat Cheese boats, and Yasser’s Jalepeno Dip) and we half-watched the game (or maybe, I just half-watched the game?).  It was so much more fun hanging out with the babies!


loved waking up to this scene on Monday.  Breakfast with some of the best people–and again, that view.  Could not get over it.  I hope we continue doing these trips as I always leave so grateful for our supportive friends and the comfort 0f all being together.



Thank you, Dillon Beach :)

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Good things

A few good thoughts to start off the week :)

Fresh air! A whole weekend of sunshine and no rain.  Eager for some fresh air, we woke up on Sunday and drove straight to the San Joaquin River Wildlife Refuge. It was a nice, crisp walk and beautiful to see all the water and green.  I wish we had better hiking nearby (miss the proximity to Tilden so much!) but the loop around the Wildlife Refuge did the trick.

Baby prep-Silvia hosted a beautiful lunch shower on Saturday with friends and family to get ready for the baby. And last week, my office surprised David and me with a shower during our holiday party!  All so fun. Feeling very grateful for all the kind gifts and thoughts from friends and family getting excited for the baby.


WING JONES!! A total weekend highlight–receiving Wing Jones in the mail.  The physical book is actually beautiful.  It’s unbelievably thrilling to hold a book that my best friend wrote and to read her words.  The story is tender and thoughtful and I’m having a hard time figuring out if I’m so emotional reading it because I’m totally wrapped up in the characters or if I just can’t believe I’m reading Katie’s book!!  Either way, pretty special to curl up on a sunny weekend afternoon and read Katie’s beautiful writing.


And now, Monday and a new week. Officially 36 weeks along :)

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Happy Saturday!

And hello, weekend :)

After a week of rain, thrilled to wake up this morning to SUN and a new weekend.  Looking forward to being home.  And can’t wait to write about last weekend at the beach.  It was wonderful :) Happy almost-Valentines day!

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Heyyyy…how are you?

Here’s an all too common post 11/8 exchange:

Friend: Heyyy…how are you?

Me: I’m ok, how are you?

Friend: I’m…ok. I mean, I’m fine, everything with me is ok, but ughhh…

Me: I know.

Friend: Trump! It gets worse everyday!

And repeat.

(Sunrise this morning. Not at all related to this, but it brought me some calm).

There has to be a better way to sum up the “I’m doing ok, just devastated and terrified about the rapidly deteriorating state of the world” greeting.

Man, this weekend. And yet, why am I even surprised? This is a president who told us exactly what he wanted to do. While he can’t deliver on any of the promises that would help people (last I checked, there’s no new steel mills, we have no federal parental leave policy, and Pharma reigns supreme) he’s certainly coming through with his promises for harm. 

I’m encouraged by my friends and protestors and only hope they will have the stamina to keep showing up in force. I’m frustrated that I can’t be in the midst of it, but inspired by the visual outpouring of this human force against hate. The images of lawyers in airports and the updates from NILC and the ACLU reinforce my admiration towards lawyers and the importance of the court (which, to be honest, as a lawyer myself, I can sometimes forget).

So, mentally, I’m clinging to that. Trying, so hard, to focus on the good, and the brave acts of those doing the right thing. And calling my senators and rep, etc. etc.

It all just feels really hopeless. What are we going to do? I mean, really though, where do we go from here? We have to stay engaged and informed and push the GOP to maintain some sort of oversight and accountability-but will they? And if they dont? 

There’s not much more to say that hasn’t been said a thousand times by, thankfully, millions of others. No silver lining way to wrap this up. This is scary, and wrong, and I’m worried and angry and confused and this is not ok.

Time to out on my Google meditation music, take Twitter off my phone (again), and practice those slow breathing techniques…

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Third trimester-so far

Almost halfway through the third trimester and wanted to jot down a bit about this experience. Keep meaning to keep better track of this experience! Here’s some thoughts: 

I’m 33 weeks and feeling PREGNANT. One thing that used to perplex me about pregnancy is how much time moms-to-be spent thinking about it. Was it always on their mind? Would they forget? While I never forget I’m pregnant, there’s definitely been moments where  it surprises me-mostly in the second trimester. The mirror in our bathroom is pretty high and narrow, so I could go a whole weekend and not really notice any change. Then, one glance in a window or the mirror in our closet and-whoa! A very visual reminder of this growing baby.

All this changed with the third trimester. I’m extremely aware of the pregnancy and it’s on my mind all the time. There must be some evolutionary reason behind all this; the mother’s mental preparation to gradually dedicate more and more mental real estate to her child. Whatever it is, I think about the baby a lot and feel him a lot. Which is great! I’m very thankful. He’s definitely active and verrrrry low. (Apparently, I can thank 30 years of completely neglecting my core for these weak muscles and low hanging baby-ooooops). 

It has certainly been fun getting ready to meet the baby. Janou, Katie and my mom hosted a beautiful lunch with friends and it was so nice to be together and get excited. It was such a lovely surprise! And SO nice of friends to make the trip to celebrate!

Joanne made adorable-and incredibly delicious-cookies.

And always a treat to see baby Isla and Rose. Christie is due in April!

I ate…..a lot….of this chocolate cake.

It was a special afternoon-so, so thankful for everyone’s generosity.

Other pregnancy thoughts…still craving dairy. Cheese, milk, but really all I want is ice cream. We FINALLY jumped on the Halotop bandwagon-thank goodness. Tried the Birthday Cake flavor last night and I LOVE it.

Over the last few days I’ve started to feel much more tired. Always cringe and think of the Mindy Kaling quote (“there’s nothing more boring than someone talking about how tired or busy they are. We’re all tired and busy.”) So true, but oh well. I’m tired! I’m up multiple times at night and the weight just makes it more difficult to stay asleep. The whole pregnancy getting ready for bed routine is totally absurd: take bath, fill up humidifier, slather on coconut oil, set up Snoogle/pillow fortress, and somehow curl in and read. Just following some sage advice: you need a lot of pillows. Gotta rest your greatness. (The David Greene-DJ Khaled interview might be one of my favorite moments so far this year).

Beyond the sleep, just feeling a bit mentally fuzzier and a lot more distracted. The other night I actually put soap instead of toothpaste on my toothbrush-it’s so cliche, but it really happened.  Apparently, this distraction is a legitimate PubMed/NIH verified thing!

This should be a pretty low-key weekend and I’m thinking of splurging and getting another pre-natal massage.  Been having slight sciatic pain on my left side, and supposedly stretching and massage helps. Also-baby is completely on one side-my right-so that might be adding to it. 

Feeling grateful for the progress so far, the support from friends and family, and fun experiences with David. And most grateful for this active, growing baby. Just hoping to do right by him the rest of the pregnancy and beyond!

And…last pregnancy thing for now…in this overwhelmingly bleak and scary week for our world, this tweet made me laugh:

Sending good thoughts for a calming weekend :)

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