Three Good Things

It’s the third day of the week, so I’m thinking of three good things to fuel me through Friday:

Past: Remembering the last two reunion weekends keeps making me smile. From Julie’s visit to DC at end of January, and then the Dallas reunion weekend a few days ago, I just feel happy thinking of good friends across the country.

Present: A comment from a colleague at lunch got me thinking about one of my favorite movies from when I was a child. She was talking about her sister and when I asked where her sister lives she said, “well, my sister is a flight attendant and her fiancé is a pilot, so they have an RV and they travel.” How cool is that?! To just be able to travel anywhere and have your home in the world with your traveling companion? Imagine all the things you would see!


Future: Winter ends in 28 days. Hooray!!! Technically there’s still 44 long, cold, gray, freezing-rainy days left till spring, but I’ll be in California March 6-16, so I’m being optimistic and giving myself an early dismissal from winter. Can’t wait to see you, spring!

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