The most amount of time I’ve ever spent in Belgium was about 5 minutes, viewing it from a train stop on the way to Amsterdam from Paris.

Yesterday, however, I spent the closest thing to a day in Belgium while only traveling between 14th St. and Eastern Market.

When Rachel suggested BToo for brunch, I jumped on the reservation as their green eggs are by far my favorite breakfast food in DC. I already planned on Belga for dinner with Janou, but the thought of going to the same restaurant in the same day didn’t bother me-the food is just that good.

It ended up being a totally ridiculously, leisurely day. It was great to start the day catching up with friends and end it laughing hysterically with Janou and Courtney.

Plus, for all my griping about winter, I muddle through it purely because it allows me to justify my total homebody nature. Sure, I went to the same restaurant twice, savoring buttery waffles for breakfast and rich Belgium beer at dinner, only interrupting the indulgence for an afternoon nap. It’s winter! If its going to be 20 degrees for weeks on end, I’ll stick to naps, blankets, Belgium food and cozy time until the warmth **hopefully** returns in March.

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