This morning, we opened the door to a winter wonderland:


A real, legitimate, more than just a dusting, closest thing to 2010-style snow day :)

David and I took a morning walk around the neighborhood. It is truly thrilling to be the first footsteps in a clean path of fresh snow:


We saw families cross country skiing at the Capitol, a kid eagerly waiting to sled down the front stairs, and chatted with the manager at the Corner Market-he camped out at the store the night before!

The rest of the snow day was a perfect combination of cozy and productive. Breakfast burrito brunch, work, and then meeting up with David and his friends for happy hour at Clyde’s and Monument Men. After the movie, we warmed up with ramen at Daikaya, and now bidding Snowchi goodbye with the fire and chocolate chip cookies. It’s been a cold, long winter and this warm, cozy snow day was a perfect antidote.

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