All Summer in A Day

This afternoon, on a walk back to my office after a briefing, I was struck by the most interesting sensation-warmth. I know I’m dramatic, but as I took off my jacket, and let my bare (and pathetically pale) arms feel sunshine for the first time in months, I found myself staring up at the sky, truly marveling at the sunshine. I looked around, and I swear, everyone looked calmer, cheered by the fake spring day.

It reminded me of the Ray Bradbury short story everyone reads in middle school, All Summer in a Day. Poor Margot gets locked in a locker and misses the one hour of sun her planet experiences every 7 years. I burst into my coworkers’ office and asked if they’d had a chance to get outside-I didn’t want them to miss it like Margot!

In other cheery news, I read today that Gap is raising the minimum wage for employees to $10/hour by 2015. As this article points out, the company is far from perfect, but the recognition of the need to pay workers a living wage is an important step forward. The private sector has an opportunity to lead the way here and I hope other companies follow this leadership.


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