The Land of Pleasant Living

Five years ago (!) when David moved to Baltimore, one evening we packed a simple picnic and had an early dinner in Fed Hill park overlooking the Harbor. I wish I could say we made it a weekly tradition, but school and work soon picked up, and Sunday evenings were packed with other pressing demands.

I remember at the time, sitting on the grass of the Hill, looking out at the water, thinking, wow, what a perfect night. After two years of long-distance, a rough initial adjustment to school and living on the East Coast, it was truly sublime to finally feel quiet and comfortable in this beautiful city.

Yesterday, David and I had lunch at the Abbey Burger Bistro and spent the afternoon walking around Federal Hill and Harbor East. The park was packed-it was the first sunny, warm Sunday in a while-kids, tourists, bike groups, runners, everyone wanted to be outside. We sat on a bench, overlooking the water, and took in the breathtaking view of the remarkable, frustrating, charming, salt-of-the-earth city.

I started blabbering about the city, and why I love it, but I think David summed up Baltimore’s importance perfectly-“we grew up here.”


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