Bagels & OJ

This morning, I had the sublime pleasure of drinking fresh squeezed OJ, people watching, and reading the paper during breakfast at the hotel’s library bar.

The whole weekend was incredibly energizing and dynamic, and it was nice to have a quiet moment to soak it all in this morning.

On Friday, David and I flew to Albany for Jon and Melissa’s wedding! Our entire Albany/Troy experience was pretty much limited to the half-a-block radius around our hotel-and in that limited area, I was beyond impressed.

First, for lunch, we had incredible BBQ and a delicious flight-the flight was just $5!

Then, the wedding. The ceremony and reception were both at the Franklin Plaza and it was beautiful. High ceilings, gorgeous, plentiful, bar, and the food! So much delicious food.

The best part was being with our UCLA friends and dancing and laughing. This group of friends are technically “David’s friends” in the sense I met most of them through him, but it’s been so many years and so many weddings, I feel so comfortable with them and treasure these reunions. Plus, they’re a blast-just an absurdly fun group, and I’m happy to tag along with their antics.

It wouldn’t be a wedding without tears, and I got pretty weepy during the mother-son dance. Jon and his mom danced to John Denver’s “Today,” and I lost it. My tears only escalated later when I heard his mom tell another guest- “that’s the song I used to sing to Jon to help him go to sleep.” Beautiful.

Saturday morning we all recovered in the hotel lobby over greasy omlettes and toast. I miss Jon and Melissa a lot and I was so sad when they moved. They are a strong, hilarious and thoughtful couple and I’m so thankful for the years we had with them in DC.

After breakfast, it was time to bus to NYC! The bus ride was stuffy and a bit bumpy, but not that bad thanks to the company and laughter (so cheesy, but true).

David and I checked into our hotel and once again, Travelzoo nailed it. The Mansfield was in a great location, our room was spacious, and breakfast was included.

Our first stop was Chelsea Market as we met up with Eric and Molly at the Lobster Shack. I had a tuna belly panini, and we began our French Fry Tour of NYC with some old bay shoe strings.

From there, we walked the Highline at sunset. I love the Highline. The sun was peaking out of the clouds over the water and it was spectacular. It was also nice to catch up with Molly as its probably been years since we’ve had time to really talk. She is such a loyal and kind friend and I wish we had more time to really talk, but I’m thankful for what we had.

We walked through the West Village, admiring the store fronts and peaking at the restaurants. Stop #2 on the French Fry Tour was a Belgium bar, and I enjoyed a Lefe and frites.

Next stop was dinner-since we were obviously famished-and we met up with Eric’s law school friends and enjoyed pasta and cocktails at Galli. The pasta was good, but not out of this world, but it was good to have a destination and a quiet-ish place to talk.

A few more drinks at the Summit Bar before it was time for Stop #3. Summit Bar was awesome. We managed to usurp a corner where we could stand, breathe and watch in awe while master bartenders crafted their fancy drinks.

Stop #3 was Pomme Frite, and since it was only 12, it was not terribly crowded. We managed to get a table in the back, and Shaiya and Sachin met up for frites and sauces. I think Pomme Frite was my favorite-our truffle mayo was ridiculous and it was great to end the evening all together.

Usually I get mopey and sad after goodbyes with the CA crew but we’re going to see each other soon and so I felt much better.

This morning, David and I slept in, and then I took advantage of the hotel’s generous breakfast offer.

After we checked out, I met up with Lauren for lunch. I just couldn’t get enough of the West Village so we walked around and enjoyed Cafe Cluny for lunch. The restaurant was adorable, it looked like Anthropologie moved in, and it was so great to catch up with Lauren. I’m so thankful she’s be in NY for the past few years, and I think our friendship is even stronger now than in college.

Pretty soon it was time to head to the train station, and as I write this we just passed the Baltimore stop on the train bound for DC.

This was quite a busy, reunion filled weekend. I’m excited to get home but so happy for all the fun and laughter and conversation and just everything from this trip.

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