In like a lion

It’s March. The Cherry Blossom Festival begins in a few weeks. And today, we were hunkered down inside with another snow day. It’s not just the snow-it’s 10 degrees outside. It’s cold, it’s gray, it’s icy, and I’m over it.

Just a few months ago, I gleefully wore my PJs inside-out-and-backwards hoping the ritual would bring a snow day. In 2010, I lapped up the decadence of a week on the couch, happily surviving on a diet of Mac&Cheese and Ruffles chips. In the recent warm winters, I’ve ached for snow storm, wanting nothing more than a cozy day curled up by our fireplace.

I honestly never thought I would say this, but this winter finally did it-there really is a thing as too much cozy time.

Believe me, I’m the ultimate homebody, and add “cozy” as a descriptor to anything, and I’m all in.

But this winter.

I’m tired of sweatpants, soup, wilty veggies, pale skin, insatiable cheese/bread/comfort food cravings, cringing in shock from the cold, bundling up to do anything, and dreaming about sunburns. No joke-must be some perverse Vitamin D deficiency thing-I keep having dreams/nightmares where I’m sunburned.

This afternoon, I actually googled “How To Get Through Winter,” and found a Buzzfeed article from October with advice. Five months later, the advice is, unfortunately, still timely. I did appreciate the Nutella hot chocolate recipe-that was a nice pick-me-up after dinner.

I’m trying to be positive (Working from home-in sweats! Hot chocolate! Big coats mask French fry belly! Binge watching TV and passing on social plans is acceptable!) but the usual winter-perks have lost their shine.

Come on, Spring! I’m so ready for you.

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