Viaggia in Italia



A few Fridays ago, David and I metroed to Silver Spring after work to see a movie at the AFI Theater. I’ve always wanted to see a classic film at the theater, and Viaggio in Italia worked with our schedule, so off we went.

I think I was expecting a Philadelphia Story/White Christmas-cheery type of classic romantic comedy. The film was not cheery, but certainly thought provoking with beautiful cinematography.

The plot aside, the visuals stuck with me for the past few weeks, and I can’t stop daydreaming about of the views from the villa in Naples. This review describes it perfectly: George Sanders and Ingrid Bergman “are resting in the sun on the terrace of their late uncle’s villa just outside Naples…it is rich in texture: the feel of the environment, the sense of the heat of the early afternoon…”



I want to be on that terrace.

Since I’m far from that warmth and have no plans to viaggio to Italia anytime soon, I’ll happily pour over photo after photo of Naples and the Amalfi coast, and imagine sitting on a sun drenched deck, breathing in the warm summer air by the water.



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