Washington, California

I was just placing an order on-line and twice had to correct my address after thoughtlessly entering it as “Washington, California.”

Curious what that says about my subconscious…

For the next eight days, my address is Somewhere In California as I’m on a busy work/fun trip throughout the state. On Thursday morning I flew to LAX, and enjoyed whirlwind day of a ceremony walk-through, exploring campus and menu tasting (!). I arrived at UCLA frazzled from travel and a brief encounter with UCLA Parking terrifying LA traffic. Myfrenzied state melted away the moment I left the parking lot and entered lush, green, North Campus. Being on campus is remarkably soothing, and after a special night catching up with Jen and Julie over dinner and menu testing, I felt very reassured and excited about the plans for 7.12.

Yesterday, I worked from home, and then Janou, Dad and I met up with Mom for sushi at Taiko. The four of us meeting up after work for dinner felt so comfortable and natural, it was wonderful.

When I’m in DC, hunkered down in the cold, I often think of all the things I wish I could do if it was warmer and I was home. Today, we acted on a lot of the activities I daydream about-going on a long, long walk in a tank-top in the sunshine, sampling cheap, fresh produce at the farmers market, and enjoying a fresh, light, local-veggie filled dinner with the family in the dinning room.

Starting Monday, the week will be packed with work activity, so I’m looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow before gearing up for Northern California.

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