Beach House

You never knew you had so many friends until you got a house by the beach.

This quote was framed in needlepoint and hanging on the wall of the check-in cabin at the Crystal Cove cottages.

For 24 hours, Janou, Mom and I enjoyed a quick escape to the ocean, just 6 miles from home.

Thanks to the California Coastal Commission and the Crystal Cove Alliance, the seaside cottages that dot three miles of shoreline in Newport Beach are being carefully restored and the coast is preserved for future generations.

It was a total treat to spend all day in the sun, to walk along the water, and watch the sunset during dinner at the Beachcomber.

This morning, feeling the fresh, ocean air during a run along the coast with Janou and drinking coffee on the restaurant’s deck while looking at the water capped off the happy, brief seaside retreat.

One of the best parts? As I write this, I’m at SFO, waiting to meet up with my colleagues for a work retreat in Healdsburg.

Waking up by the water and going to sleep wine country is SO far, far outside the realm of my normal life-so far-but I want to bottle it up and remember it for when the days are long and frustrating and anxious and uncertain-I want to remember the natural beauty I was fortunate enough to experience this weekend.



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