Sand to Snow

Yesterday, Janou and I took a quick walk at CDM to dip our toes in the ocean one last time before the red eye to DC. This morning, a St. Patrick’s Day storm pounded the city with 5-8 inches of snow. Seriously-this winter!


The best part of the snow day was NOT blearily pushing through the work day in my sterile office, but being able to muddle through from the comfort of my
couch in front of the fire.

Still recovering from a jam-packed week and the flight, but feeling so grateful for the long trip, all the beautiful sights, and most of all for the time with friends and family. The wedding is less than four months away (!!) and it’s becoming clear what an incredible catalyst a wedding is for bringing together special people and celebrating. I know I’ll have some serious celebration and planning withdrawals when the wedding is over. A few memories I’ll want to return to:

Menu tasting and ceremony walk-through and just all the planning anticipation at UCLA:


Crystal Cove cottages and dinner at the Beachcomber:


Retreat, strategic planning, and no e-mail for 24 hours in Healdsburg:


Aging in America and presentations in SD:



A spectacular bridal shower, with close friends generously thrown by the incredible Jen Tan:


Turning 29 at home and celebrating with my family!


After that awesome week, nothing felt better than walking in the door to the apartment, seeing David, and curling up for the snow day.

The next few months will be pretty wild and stressful and I hope to look back on these good memories when things get overwhelming.

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