Almost three years ago, I met up with David after work to sign the lease on an apartment in Eastern Market. It was a warm spring evening, and after we checked out our new home (exposed brick! Fireplace! Basement…) we explored our new neighborhood.

We decided to celebrate our first apartment at Ted’s Bulletin. It was crowded, so we squeezed into stools at the Art Deco bar, split a milkshake, and toasted to our new adventure over brussel sprouts and grilled cheese.

Tonight is David’s last night officially living in this apartment as he leaves for the first part of our eventual cross-country move in the morning.

Three years later, it seemed only fitting to return to our first stop in a happy journey of exploring life in Eastern Market.

We sat at the bar, split a milkshake, and caught the final scenes of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington over dinner.

There’s goodness and uncertainty ahead, however, I’m fully aware that nothing will be quite like these first years living together in DC. Starting out in our magical Eastern Market neighborhood is a privilege, and an opportunity I’m tremendously grateful we’ve been able to experience.


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