Travel lessons from FLOTUS


This morning, as I woke up by scrolling through Instagram photos, I saw this “simply breathtaking” snapshot of the Great Wall.

The photo is beautiful, but I was surprised to see this was FLOTUS’ first time at the Great Wall. This landmark travel spot seems like it’s at the top of most travelers to-do lists, and it struck me that the First Lady had not had a chance to visit before.

Pause for a brief reality check.

Of course this is her first opportunity! Unlike family money-ed FLOTUS’ of the past, this First Lady grew up in a hard-working middle class family where international travel was not a budgetary reality. Then she worked, and worked, and worked her way through college and law school, and she and her husband kept going, full speed ahead, working, paying off student loans, and raising their family. Like most Americans, they had to work and save and I have a feeling until the last decade-ish, international travel was likely quite limited.

And eventually, she found a way to see the Great Wall.

Not sure why, but I find this reassuring and inspiring. I’m tremendously inspired by Mrs. Obama overall, but hadn’t thought about her as a travel inspiration.

Sometimes I panic that time is going by too fast and I’ll never have the money or time for more international travel. But the Great Wall was there for FLOTUS when she was ready and it gives me hope for many adventures in the future.

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March 23, 2014 · 2:13 pm

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