Kitchen Sink Protein Bowl


After the 2008 election, I had a brief moment of panic. For months, calls with David focused on swapping Obama updates and catching up on the latest drama from the campaign. With the election over, what would we talk about? Naturally, we’d resort back to standard long-distance relationship check-in: “What’d you have for lunch?

Nearly a week back in long distance, we’ve successfully staved off lunch talk, but I might have to bring up this happy lunch discovery: a kitchen sink protein bowl.

Inventory in the fridge is quite scant with the primary chef/grocery gatherer across the country, so scrapping together whatever’s left made sense for lunch today.

This morning, I scrambled eggs, spinach, and asparagus, and threw an avocado in my bag. At work, I sliced leftover turkey and cheese, mixed with the avocado and veggie scramble and voila! Kitchen sink protein bowl.

Honestly, it looked disgusting, but it tasted delicious.

For the middle of the day on a Thursday, this was a very happy discovery :)

Image above from an awesome blog with a much prettier portrayal of a protein bowl.

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  1. yum!! SUCH a good idea to scramble the eggs and take them to work!

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