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73 days

So I fully thought that this would be my happy photo from the day:

(Happy this is NOT the photo I went with for many reasons, not the least being the fact is a sad shot of the train. How do those people the Express publish always make the metro look so slick?)

Today was busy, we’re on our third straight day of torrential downpour, and I didn’t think of a happy photo until I was waiting for the metro. So, I thought, well, the metro makes me happy. Not the metro per se, but the fact I can hop on incredible public transit, zone out, and be home in 20 minutes, is pretty spectacular.

So, that was going to be the moment, until I got home.

Once again, a mail delivery trumped everything else today. And that’s because the invitations arrived!!


6 classic boxes filled with pretty papers, ready to be assembled, labelled, stamped and mailed to friends and family across the US. I was anxious to open the box, but when I did, I couldn’t help but smile. They’re exactly what I hoped for.

Excited to load up on stamps, labels an pens and get them out the door!

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74 days

Mail with sweet photos! On Sunday night/morning, I got home super late from the airport and wanted to collapse. Quickly sorting through my mail, I saw an envelope from my best friend Jen Tan. What a thrill to open it
up and see photos of sweet Dash! I wish I could have seen more of him when he was a baby/toddler, but I’m so excited to be able for more Dash/Jen time this summer/fall.

He’s couldn’t be any sweeter:


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75 days

The day I took a spin in the Google Driverless Car!!


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78, 77, 76 days

Oops! Been a bit preoccupied with an awesome trip to CA for Katie and Dave’s wedding. So, so many happy memento from this weekend. Here are a few:

Day 78-
Singing in the car on the greenest three hour stretch in CA:


Day 77-

THE WEDDING! And spending the day with old and new friends:


Day 76:

Just thinking about how lucky I am to have a best friend like Katie. She AND Dave have been a tremendous support system in DC and it was an absolute joy to celebrate them and toast to their future this weekend:


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79 days

Beautiful sunrise walk in SF with my best friend!




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