Pour Yourself a Drink

J. Crew’s savvy marketing team caught me again, and I found myself at the sale section of the F Street store after work. While trying on a host of disappointing clothes, I checked my phone, and this subject heading instantly made me smile:

“Officiant! Reporting for Duty!”

Mr. Bress, our awesome friend and officiant e-mailed David and me to get going on planning.

He sent us a questionnaire and we’re instructed to answer the questions separately. But first, he instructed, pour yourself a drink.

I’m about to open the questionnaire after enjoying a crisp, homemade Moscow Mule. Cheers to Friday, the end of the week, and inching closer to the Cherry Blossoms.

It was a good week-drinks with Shannon, my first lunch at the National Museum of Women in Art, the return of the Mindy Project (!), N.E.D., learning new Blue Apron recipes, having back to back events at the AFL-CIO and AEI and marvelling at the irony of that and dinner with Janou. Still, I’m ready for the weekend and only wish I had a proper copper mug for my Moscow Mule.


Image via a lovely blog.

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  1. what a cutie! I love Mr. Bress :)

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