94 Days

I had the privilege of attending the National Hunger Seder today. The focus was senior poverty, and despite my knowledge of the impact of poverty on health, I had a lot to learn. The statistics are staggering. Did you know that early 1 in 6 seniors is threatened by hunger? Or that in the last decade the number of seniors experiencing hunger rose by 88%? As the Haggadah for this Seder said: “Passover not only reminds is of our journey from slavery to freedom, it also reminds us of how important leadership is in realizing such a journey…our need for strong leadership has not come to an end. Just as we did then, we need visionary leaders today. We must raise our voices and call upon our leaders to enact just and responsible policies now-policies that will strengthen us as a community; policies grounded in the very highest principles we had dear. Only then will we be able to create a better future of our nation.”

Amen! It was very special watching one of of the greatest leaders of our time participate in the Seder:


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