92 days

Technology! Fridays are tough in a LDR. Usually, Friday mentality is, “how can I get as much done as fast as possible to get out of here and get the weekend started!” In an LDR, it’s a lot of “ughhh…..am I really going to go home and eat dinner by myself? On a beautiful spring Friday?” I was wallowing deep when I got home, but things started to turn around after dinner. I got productive-and that always helps. I’m trying to organize the cards, photos, and memorabilia David and I’ve had stuffed in boxes and bulletin boards into a simple scrapbook we can easily transport back to CA. Scrapbook is too generous a description-I’m literally just pasting the stuff in a book. Still, it got really fun reading old card and laughing at photos. Then, thanks to technology and David’s equally non-existent Friday night plans, we were able to hangout! Being able to see someone’s face and laugh with them makes a world of difference with distance conversations. Once again Google, you’re making life just that much better:


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