84 days

Not a photo of anything pretty, but for me this is huge. Since 2005, I’ve been carting around card and photos in what was an envelope-turned-to-a-box. It was always a messy box in my closet, and almost seemed silly saving these notes since I couldn’t really look at them. Well, finally, they have a home! For the fist time in nine years I took the time to buy a scrapbook and photo album to keep them in a proper place. Neither books are terribly pretty or organized-but it’s much, much better than the box! I realized I’ve lost lots of cards and photos over the years, but I’m so happy to have the memory pieces that endured through many years and moves. I also took the stack of wedding invitations/save the dates an other wedding-related paper items-dating back to 2009-and made them into a little booklet. It feels so good to have this all sorted out-and to have the kitchen table back. Happy Saturday!


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