59 and 58 days

Day 59:


And they’re off! Dropped off all of the invitations in the mail yesterday morning. It feels great to come home from work and not see boxes and boxes of envelopes and paper. It’s another step in this process that’s over-which feels good-but is also a reminder that there’s only 58 days of anticipation and excitement left. Must soak it all up and not get stressed or overwhelmed.

Day 58:


We have a place to live!! David texted this photo from the BART stop across the street from our apartment. I’m giddy with excitement. I was anxious the whole time he was looking at it, but it worked out. Now I’m buzzing with excitement-all I want to do is look up the new neighborhood, home decorating ideas, all sorts of things. I need to sleep. Hoping I can calm down, but it’s just such a thrilling relief to know we have a home!!

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