57, 56, 55 and 54 days

Still coming down from an incredible weekend!

57 Days-
No photos, but several happy moments. Exiting the freeway and seeing the beautiful Baltimore skyline, waking down Charles Street and passing by all the shops and restaurants, walking up the stairs at Pub Dog and seeing Janou and Katie, perched on stools at the wooden tables, ready for pizza and big dog salads at the coziest spot in Baltimore :)

56 Days-

Janou, Katie and I woke up to a beautiful blue-sky Baltimore morning. We looped around Federal Hill, and I got nostalgic at every turn. Little did I know, we’d be back later that night :)


After a DD coffee and breakfast run, we got ready and cabbed over to Harbor East. Pulling up to the Four Seasons-and knowing we would be checking in and not just walking around the lobby-was absolutely thrilling. Beautiful, smiling Lauren was waiting in the lobby and we were all quickly whisked up to our SUITE!!



Unbelievable. I couldn’t get over it-it was beyond lovely. Meg met us in the room, and Meg, Lauren and I went down to the pool to relax. It was heaven. Kelleen, Katie and Janou eventually joined. Sitting at the Infiniti pool, in the sunshine, with the Harbor back fell, sipping on crisp lemony drinks is a memory I’ll return to often when I need a pick-me-up:



More to come tomorrow, but I need sleep now. To stay vaguely on track, here’s a news blurb that made me crack up on the metro this a.m.-a good start to 54 Days left!


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