53 days

…continuing with 56 days…

After lounging by the pool-and enjoying plenty of free drinks from the nice FS staff, we returned to the suite for snacks and games.

Janou had all my favorites-CheezIts, Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream, and Moscow Mule fixins. Dori made a beautiful cake pop tower. It was alllllll delicious. I’m going to keep saying it, but I wish every Saturday afternoon could be spent laughing and hanging out with my friends in such a pretty setting.

Meg made a charming Recipe Book, complete with letters and photos from family and friends. And she handwrote all the recipes! That doctor. I started to get teary reading a few lines, so I saved it for Sunday reading.

Then, it was RTRing, bottle tanning, bronzering, blowdrying, and general chaos of 7 girls getting ready to go out time. I think that’s one of my favorite part of friends weekends-getting ready together.

A few hours later, we left for the two minute walk along the harbor to our dinner destination: PABU.

More tomorrow-need to sleep. For 53 days….a beautiful run on the mall and along the monuments with Janou.

We’re having incredible early summer weather and there’s just enough of a breeze to make being outside heavenly. After the run, Janou had an appointment at Bliss and I tagged along to read trashy magazines and eat brownies in their “quiet room.” A very happy Tuesday!






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