50 days

50 days till the wedding!! Actually, as I write this I’m technically on Day 49, but whose counting…

Friday was another day of lovely weather. A weather report with 40% humidity is a beautiful thing and the day did not disappoint.

My coworkers and I took advantage of the summer day and enjoyed lunch in the grass in Franklin Square.

After scooting out of work earlier than usual, I snagged a good spot at the Sculpture Garden for the first night of Jazz in the Garden. Catherine met me, and we split chips, guac and good conversation in the company of hundreds of Washingtonians crammed on the lawn. Still have a lot to learn about jazz, but this band was good.

The line for sangria was miles long, so after a few hours we walked over to the Hill Country pop up for some country music and Shiner. That band was also awesome, and it was nice to sit on the benches, catch up with Catherine and enjoy more excellent music.

Trying to not get too weepy about leaving friends and happy moments like this in DC. I know there’s a lot to look forward to, and I’m so thankful for happy moments and memories.

Now, last catch up on the Bachelorette party! After an incredible dinner at PABU-spicy ginger drinks and crunchy Maryland crab rolls-we were walking back to the lobby when Catherine blurted-“guys. It’s Michael Phelps.”

He was waiting for his car with his buddies-who were just as uninterested in meeting us as he was. Normally, I never bother celebrities, but I’d been drinking, it was my bachelorette, soo….sorry MPhelps! It was hilarious.

Katie and Janou’ Friday night scheming began to unfold when a huge SUV rolled up to drive us around for the evening. Katie handed me a yellow envelope with a clue-in a haiku! The first stop-where is alllll began…from there we hit up Camden Yards, the Dog Pub, and our favorite bars.

It was absolutely thrilling dancing in the car with my best friends, driving around the city we love. Not only was it a freaking BLAST, but it was an emotional trip back to many happy memories.

I lost it when we pulled up to the third clue-my old house on Hamburg. Janou and Katie had decorated the side with a poster of photos, saying “Welcome Home Fay!”

It was unbelievable. Getting emotional writing this, but I just wish I had the words to express what it meant knowing that Janou and Katie put so much thought and time into this, and celebrating and reveling in it with my friends was incredible.

We topped off the already perfect night with one last stop–mushroom pizza and blue cheese dressing at Maria D’s. HEAVEN.







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