47-49 Days

In the cab on the way home from Dulles-have some catching up to do:

47 days: I didn’t take any photos on Saturday. On the flight in, I watched the news unfold about the horrific slaughter in Isla Vista. Enough is enough. This violence is out of control. As we learn more about the killers motives, the story gets more and more terrifying. Don’t really have anything more to say, it’s just too horrific. I’m thinking and praying for the victims, their family, and the community.

48 days: Being home this weekend was especially nice. Abu and I both got in on Saturday, and Mom and I took care of some fun wedding errands before dinner with Silvia and Alex. It was very special to have dinner at home with my family and in-laws about a year after the engagement.

On Sunday, Mom’s friend Deb threw a lovely shower. It was Pinterest perfection. She thought of every sweet detail, from napkins to wine glass rings, a banner to delicious food. Betty and Abu were both there, making it extra special. It was fun for me to see Mom laugh and have fun with her friends-everyone had a blast!


All of the guests had very sweet advice about families and marriage-I’m feeling more and more ready for this next journey! It was especially nice to spend the afternoon surrounded by people who’ve known me close to my whole life. Living so far from home, sometimes I feel like my growing up community is not a part of my current world, and it was nice to be enveloped in their kindness and good wishes.




Our awesome hosts-Lionel and Deb.

47 days: Cant believe its 47 days till the wedding! Enjoyed a nice, relaxed Memorial Day with Mom and Silvia. After an incredibly efficient dress fitting, we want to Orange to walk around and have lunch at the Filling Station:


Patio seating and no humidity is divine.

Soon it was time to head back to the airport for the red eye to DC. And now, just a few hours later-back to Washington, back to work!

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