42-40 days

Time is flying!! A few happy moments from the weekend:

The weather continues to amaze me-really feel like so far, summer is making up for our horrendous winter. Enjoyed a gorgeous walk from work to Arlington Friday evening:


Kicked off the weekend with picnic goodies from Dean and Deluca and Office Space for Joe’s birthday:


Doesn’t this scene just nail-literally-every.single.tech frustration?


Spent Saturday afternoon at-home face masking/manicuring/prepping for an awesome night out with incredible colleagues:


With my BFF and fellow bride, Shannon!


Stacy, Amy and Erika thought of everything-they had adorable favors, signs, sashes, and they schemed up a perfect night on 14th Street. First stop-rose at Cork, and the dinner and drinks at Thai Thanic-delicious! Taking a shot of patron with a group of incredible role
models and colleagues is not something I anticipated when I started working, but it was pretty awesome to see everyone have a great time.

And we had a GREAT time. The final stop was New Vegas Lounge, a place I can’t believe I’ve never been to. They had an incredible live band and we sang and danced for hours. Belting Ain’t No Mountain High Enough with a group of women who work so hard, care so much, and who I’ve learned so much from was an absolute highlight. It was an awesome night!




Capped off the weekend with a delightful picnic in Dupont with Catherine and her friend Kate:


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