39-36 day countdown

DC decided to be gorgeous this week. It was a nice move, as this week has also been the start of saying goodbye. I’m getting prettttttttty emotional, but starting to accept that it’s ok with all the changes happening.

Monday was quiet but productive, and I went back to an awesome class at Tiffany’s studio on 14th Street.

Enjoyed a delicious but bittersweet Greek dinner with Lexi at Kellari. It was really hard to say goodbye to Lexi. When I moved to Baltimore 7 years ago, Lexi was one of the few people I knew in DC. Knowing that on the weekend I could Amtrak to the city, and have a friend to get dinner with or celebrate the 4th of July (a very rainy one on the Mall!) was a lifesaver those first few years. Our friendship grew and I’ve learned so much from her grace and determination. Tuesdays dinner was my first technical goodbye dinner and I realized how hard this is.

Walking back home, the sunset behind the monuments and a performance from an Army choir at the Capitol realllllly made DC shine. This magical city:



Janou taught another awesome class on Wednesday night and that was definitely the highlight.

Last night, Katie and I went to a reception on the Hill for UMD alumni. The Monocle bar was a perfect next stop for several glasses of Chardonnay and some serious talk about how intense all these changes are. I got pretttttty emotional talking about moving across the country from Katie and Janou. It’s just going to be so hard to be so far away.

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