35-32 day countdown

Last week of work in DC. The other day, I was telling Lexi how I feel like life is just turbocharged right now. There’s certainly been times when I’ve felt like I was just numbly going through the motions, kind of stuck-this is the opposite of that. Everything feels like a big deal, hyper real, and often I feel like I’m racing from one task to another. The most calm time is when I’m away from my phone or computer-walking home, at the gym, with a friend-and my mind is focused on something other than the next thing to look up/check/take care of.

I’m REALLY looking forward to the road trip with David-for lots of reasons, but chief among them-no computer, and just hours of conversation, scenery, and books on tape.

With that said, it’s a bit comforting to be busy because it keeps me from being a total emotional wreck. When my mind wanders, I find myself thinking about what I’ll miss in DC. Wrote some down on the metro the last few days:

1) Urban hiking right outside my front door. Walking down my street onto a spectacular seven mile loop through DC’s hot spots: passing the Capitol, walking through the mall, around the Jefferson Memorial, greeting the many FDR tableauxs, pausing by MLK, taking in the wonder of the Lincoln Memorial, and feeling grateful at WWII. All on my little walking loop outside my door.

2) When I get overwhelmed at work and need to walk around the block to clear my head, that block is a walk around the WHITE HOUSE.

3) All of the sweet independent stores just down the street-the kind dry cleaner who always remembers my name, the posh market with the overpriced milk and adorable British man, and the always-open-even-in-a-storm corner market.

4) Hunter, the amazing hair stylist at Michael Anthony, who always balanced chatting and magazine reading time perfectly.

5) The market. The market during the week and the magical buzz during the weekend.

6) Rich, super whipped green eggs at Belga.

7) Lincoln Park and watching, longingly, while other people’s dogs played. Creepy.

8) Hilloween.

There’s more, but I need sleep. A few fun notes from the last few days-

On Friday, Janou was kind enough to invite me as her date to BEAUTY AND THE BEAST at Wolf Trap! The weather was spectacular. Janou packed a perfect picnic-complete with roasted chicken and sparkling wine-and it was just heavenly lounging on the lawn before the show:



The show was awesome-would watch it all over again just for the Be Our Guest scene.

Saturday morning, a junk company took the last of the furniture:


After a few stressed hours of moving and packing, had the pleasure of spring the afternoon with friends at Biergardenhaus! Janou and Katie were amazing as always and planned a special afternoon to see friends before leaving:





The happy, grapefruit beer filled afternoon turned into dinner at Sticky Rice and drinks on the roof at H Street Country Club-a perfect send off!


Packed allll day Sunday, but it was ok because Janou came over to hang out! We took a break to do the DC walking loop. And we got take out from Busboys and Poets. And watched the Bachelor-so it was a great day.



Last night I joined my colleagues from my old office for happy hour at Bar Code and had dinner with my colleague Gwen tonight. The walk home was beautiful, and receiving news of a certain VA primary while walking past the Capitol was definitely entertaining:


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