31 Days

Goodbyes continue. Really hoping to look back on these entries and cringe at how overly dramatic I sound because everything will be totally great-but for now-cant seem to stop being emotional. It doesn’t help that it’s been pouring.

Enjoyed a very nice lunch today with a colleague at Ping Pong Dim Sum. I rarely ever have dim sum and it was delicious. Also went to my last Hill reception. It was really lovely and I was able to see a lot of colleagues and friends.

After what is hopefully the LAST Goodwill run ever, said goodbye to this cutie:


Wonder how big he’ll be the next time I see him! Didn’t even say goodbye to Katie and Dave yet-having dinner with them on Friday-and I still sobbed in the car.

This is a lot, but it’s all good, and in an odd way, it feels really good to just let the emotions happen.

A while ago, my favorite blogger posted something about contemplating a move. I furiously read the hundreds of comments, searching for wisdom and advice on how to cope/thrive with a big change. Saved some of my favorites and I’ve been reading them over and over-they bring great comfort:

Thoughts on moving:
And I expect when we leave here it will be really, really hard again. I have this theory that the more we travel the more of our soul we scatter around. It’s beautiful and expansive feeling, but also terribly bittersweet.

The longer you wait, the more you’ll over analyze and probably talk yourself out of it. I say trust your instinct and do what’s best for your family. you figure it out as you go

I have made a few big moves in my life, and honestly each one seems to get easier

I think that it is weird to NOT move. I have moved on average every 3 years since I was born. So to hear people get all anxious and scared about moving makes me go “Really? Come on now.”

If you’re giving it so much thought, perhaps you need to just DO IT so that you never wonder what would have been :)

What I take from all of this is that as soon as you settle somewhere you develop bonds with the place and people, and there will always be things you miss if you move away. BUT as long as you have great friends and family somewhere nearby or willing to travel, anywhere can be the perfect home :)

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