28-30 days

Boston was not on the agenda for the cross country drive, but here I am in Logan waiting for my flight to SFO.

It’s been an intense day and a half. It will be a while to process the emotions of saying goodbye, but for now, just able to reflect on the whirlwind of this move.

David came down with a terrible virus on Wednesday and by Thursday it was clear he could not fly across country. It was also unclear what was going on with him-it was a bad virus. By Thursday night it was clear the drive together was not going to happen as planned. I wish I could say I handled all of this gracefully, but in reality, I fell apart.

By Friday morning, David was home and feeling much better. Thank goodness. Late Thursday night, after a complete meltdown to Janou, I booked a flight home for Saturday night. I just wanted to get to California.

The last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of packing, tossing, shipping, and all over again. The last trip to Goodwill was far from the final stop-two more trips and lots of rearranging followed. Janou has been an absolute saving grace-she stayed over the last two nights, ran around with me on last minute shipping/goodwill errands, and just kept everything light and pleasant.

Of course, everything is totally fine. Thankfully David is fine and that’s what’s most important. Can’t wait to be in Oakland tonight. It felt pretty surreal closing the door to the apartment and driving down the street one last time. I’m not sure how I can keep crying, but driving past Lincoln Park and leaving Eastern Market really did a number.

Haven’t really processed all of that. Just feel tremendously fortunate to have had the time we had in DC/Bmore with incredible friends + family close by. It was a total privilege and I am so grateful.

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