23-18 days

Incredible that there’s less than three weeks till the wedding. Getting really excited!

Lots going on in the last few days. Getting used to work, exploring the neighborhood and a quick Saturday trip to the beach.

In the last few days…

Explored Sacramento and went to a few meetings. Met up with Eric and Molly for dinner at Hock Farms. It was delicious and so fun to walk over to a bar to meet up with friends after work on a Friday.

Caught up on wedding + apartment to-dos on Saturday and explored Point Reyes:






We had an awesome picnic and just soaked up the excitement of being outside, by the water and not packing. Felt great to feel the wind and sun.

Caught up with our awesome friends, Alex and Rebecca on Sunday. It was neat to start the day having breakfast with friends in Stockholm. Budak took a screenshot of the moment G chat froze on us-ha!


Mr. Bress-friend/officiant extradordinaire-came over and we watched the USA game at a local bar:


So, so excited for him to lead our ceremony and to MARRY us. In just a few days!!

But now, bedtime for bonzo.

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