17-13 days

Less than two weeks!

In my mind, I’m trying to tell myself that this is all going down next weekend. I want to get stuff done this week, so there’s not a million things next weekend. Also, need to be sure to sleep-totally nervous about getting sick…

The past few days have been BUSY. The week was mostly work + planning e-mails and calls. Wednesday night, David finished the dresser-hooray!-and our apartment is one step closer to liveable. We had a Blue Apron order, and enjoyed delicious pan seared salmon, Israeli cous-cous and a fava bean relish. Our first home cooked meal in the new apartment!

Thursday night I met up with my friend Jenn from college at a bar near work. It was great to see her and catch up-it’s been years. It will be interesting getting used to a new happy hour scene. I didnt go to HH all the time, but I did get so comfortable at a few places in DC. The bar we went to on Thursday was really cool (delicious Moscow Mules!), but just new and different.

Explored my first Bay Area farmers market Sunday-the Friday market in Old Oakland. Tons of incredible produce and the pies and baked goods looked heavenly. Can’t wait to try more.

Never did I ever think I would be able to make ramen, but thanks to Blue Apron, made it for dinner Friday. First time cooking with garlic scapes and the combination with spicy ginger, spicy arugula, lemon and soft boiled eggs in a veggie broth-verrrry good.

David and I spent the rest of the night on wedding tasks-only two more weekends to get stuff done…

And certainly took care of a lot this weekend. Flew down early Saturday morning. I don’t ever want to forget how psychologically thrilling it was waking up Saturday morning, knowing I was going home, and home was just an hour flight away. I’ve literally never experienced that before-an hour flight from one home to another-and I never want to take it for granted. It is just awesome.

Took care of a lot of errands and in-person meetings in this short trip. The highlight-sneaking in a quick breakfast with my mom at the Fairmount before a day packed with tasks. It was nice to have a few quiet moments to just catch up. And then, just before getting on the plane tonight, Mom, Dad, Abu and I had a rapid-fire wine tasting before I left for the airport. Most of the wines were really terrible, but I think we found a few good ones. The rest will be perfect for buckets of sangria :)

Still lots to do-I fly back in a few day for one last trip-but made a good dent in the down-to-the-wire tasks!




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