9-7 days

Reporting once again from the flight from SNA to Oaklad-this time on the seven day mark!

Absolutely terrified of jinxing something by sounding too comfortable or confident, but overall, have greater peace of mind from this trip than I have in a while. Mom, Abu and I got a LOT done. I’m really hopeful that when I come back Tuesday night, there will be odds and ends, but really hoping to be able to relax and soak up the moment.

Also, and this is beyond embarrassing-I was waiting in-line for security and was thinking about how excited I am to see David tonight. I started to think about how I’m excited for the wedding/move/etc. to be calmed down, so David and I explore our neighborhood, enjoy our time at home, and not think only about the next task to take care of. And then-this is the embarassing part-I thought-Yeah! That’s why where doing this! Not to have a party, not to try and think of every logistical issue and drive ourselves crazy, but for all the life after the wedding. Of course, I know this, of course think this, but honestly, it hasn’t been at the forefront of my mind these last few days, and it was an important forehead slap moment.

And THEN, I got on the plane, saw the battery dying on my ever weak phone, and realized the last audiobook chapter would have to wait. So, I curled up (as much as one can on a SW flight) and scrolled through MK’s book for a fun distraction.

Of course, with all that’s on my mind, her chapter, Married People Need to Step It Up, caught my eye. It hilarious, of course, but this passage in particular made me smile:


(Reprinted without permission from Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (2012)-will gladly remove if, it turns out that, anyone is in fact reading this and the reprint is some sort of violation).

Isn’t is just a sweet passage? Picking a random chapter from that book to zone out and laugh always puts a me in a better mood.

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