Officially a Family

Saturday night, David and I exchanged vows and rings and promised ourselves to each other and our family for all of time.

It was everything-beautiful, moving, overwhelming, happy, intense-all of it. Yesterday, I told David one of the most amazing, unexpected elements of it all: I now understand what it means to be truly present. Every moment in my life, I’m present, but seconds or minutes later, something else jumps to mind, or I’m shuffling through observations-even in the most quiet, subtle moments, I’m thinking-not worrying or anything bad, but never fully, fully present for a sustained period of time.

But from the moment I held my dad’s hand and we began the walk down the aisle, to the moment David and I, now husband and wife, turned the corner near Haines and ended the recessional, my mind quieted, and every ounce of my mental and physical energy was there, in that moment, without a thought to anything else. It was extraordinary.

So many other thoughts from the incredibly ceremony, the awesome reception, the overwhelming generosity and enthusiasm from our family and friends, and now our beautiful honeymoon in Santa Barbara. For now, just soaking it all up. Thinking a lot about our vows, the promise we made with our rings:

I give you this ring to wear with love and joy. With this ring, I give you your freedom and my trust in you. I give you my heart until the end of time; I have no greater gift to give.

and the sheer wonder that I am now David’s wife!


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