Fall in July

Yesterday, after escaping the cold, gray afternoon (in July!) in a cozy bar in SF, we visited Deputy Commissioner Bress’ apartment.
I was immediately struck by the incredible library of books. DCB and his brother have amassed an impressive collection of literature that spans several beautiful built-in, floor-to-cathedral ceiling shelves. It felt like a library-David and I both checked out a book!

Anyway, of course when we got back home, to our sweet but still very bare apartment, I started dreaming about bookshelves and decorating. We have a tiny space and I worry that most bookcases could make the space look smaller. I love the idea of floating shelves since they’re light and take up little space, but I don’t think that will work in a rental. Not sure how I feel about these wallpaper or fabric-back shelves-can’t tell if they help lighten things up or are just borderline-tacky. Either way, it’s fun to let my brain wander, free from moving logistics, wedding logistics, all sorts of logistics, and just imagine:






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