Good ideas observed in Europe

Greetings from the train! It’s Labor Day Weekend I’m joining David at a work event tonight in Stockton and tomorrow we’re driving to Irvine. It’s a quick trip-and I’m nervous about the traffic-but excited to DRIVE home. I haven’t been able to do that since college. Last year, we were in Europe for LDW. I’veContinue reading “Good ideas observed in Europe”

Camping was…

Actually, really great! We only camped for two nights and Shaiya basically planned everything, so I can’t pretend it was really roughing it. But we still slept outside, in tents-and it was freezing-there were no showers and we were at 8000 feet, so…definitely camping! Yosemite was breathtaking. The location was also a first and IContinue reading “Camping was…”