On the way home from an excellent DC/NY trip. Even though I moved to CA less than two months ago, it felt great to have a quick trip back to see some of my favorite places and people.

Flew out on Tuesday afternoon and took the train into work on Wednesday morning. The weather was gorgeous-sunny, no humidity-and as I waited for the train at BWI, I felt an energy rush knowing I would soon be back in the hubbub and excitement of DC.


After a great day of work (which included watching my hero E Warren speak at a Medicare hearing!) I went to a colleague’s retirement party at the Press Club. I’ve never been to a retirement party before, and it was moving to hear everyone share how much our colleague had meant for us in helping shape our careers.

Then, I scooted over to Arlington, eager to be reunited with some special people!!


Katie and Dave left the next day for their #afrimoon and they still managed to host Janou and I the night before-dedication. It felt so good to be back on their cozy couch, drinking Chardonnay, swapping stories from the last few weeks. I miss that so much.

After work Thursday, I met up with a group of colleagues for an extended happy hour. I miss them-and their sense of humor-so much, and it was a burst of energy to see them and catch up.

From there, caught up with Lexi on her beautiful roof deck. After our sad goodbye dinner, I was so happy to see her again!

After a few hours of sleep, Janou and I woke up bright and early to Bolt up to Newark for Alison’s wedding. Turns out the best way to enjoy the usually miserably long Bolt journey is to go with your sister and watch You’ve Got Mail. Before we knew it, we were in Jersey.

This quick trip made my SO excited for a sister vacation with Janou. It was so fun getting ready and laughing with my best friend before the wedding. And Alison and Scott had a beautiful wedding. Alison was an absolutely stunning bride! It was a special treat to see Aunt Gail and watch my parents dance:



Our grandparents at their wedding:


Yesterday, we all packed in the car to drive to the city. I’ve never driven in Manhattan before, but it wasn’t too terrible-just a bit intense.

Casey met me at Jane for brunch in the West Village. It’s been years since we’ve had one-on-one time, and we sat at the restaurant for a loooong time, catching up about all the exciting life twits and turns in recent years. Listening to him talk about his residency plans and his med school experience so far filled me with such admiration-it is tremendously thrilling to see him becoming the doctor and person that he wants to be. The theme of “I wish I didn’t live so far away from ____” loomed large this trip, and my afternoon with Casey was no exception.


Later that afternoon, Casey, Ashley and I ventured over to the High Line. I cant seem to get enough of the High Line-walked it in the bitter cold with Eric, Molly, and David in February, in a monsoon like storm with David in spring 2011, in the fall with Lauren in 2010, and several other trips.

This was special because 1) the water was nice and it was so green! and 2) the company. Isn’t it just a great feeling introducing your friends to each other and seeing them get along like old friends? I was so excited we were such a happy little group, I insisted on a selfie when we were across from Chelsea Piers:

Terrible idea. Two seconds after this photo, Ashley gashed her toe on the concrete-lots of blood. Ashley was totally calm, but it looked terrible, so our High Line afternoon quickly came to an end!

New plan-white wine and appetizers in Ashley’s apartment! Ashley mended, and we laughed and sipped on crisp Savingon Blanc in her gorgeous apartment. She really is an incredible interior designer.

Later that night we met up with Jason, Taylor and Susan at General Assembly. They’re about to celebrate their 10-year friendaversary and it was hilarious listening to their stories from when they first moved to NY. On par with the joy of seeing your friends hang out is the happiness of laughing with your friend’s awesome friends. This group has always been so welcoming to me over the years and it was a fantastic laugh-so-hard-your-gripping-the-table-to-keep-your-balance dinner:




(Later we went to drinks on the roof of Hotel Giraffe. Taylor coordinated with the decor)

Today, the last day of the trip, was a bagels-in-the-park-day. Lauren and I picked up Murray’s Bagels and metroed over to Central Park. I always enter at the southern end and never make it very far, but today, we entered at 72nd. It was beautiful, as always. An afternoon spent in conversation with Lauren is so restorative-particularly when catching up over a Pimms cup at the Boathouse bar!


What a view:


Before I could get too mopey with the “I wish I didn’t live so far away from Lauren” feelings, I was on my way to Newark to fly home.

Quite lucky to see so many special people in a short trip! I miss them and the energy and fever of the East Coast a lot. I felt more like myself in DC than I have in a while in Oakland. It’s been such a short time since I moved, and I’m sure it will take time to feel as connected and grounded in Oakland as I once felt in DC. For now, I’m just so grateful for these few days with these great people. Now, hoping this flight hurries up-I miss David and I’m ready to get home!

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