Stevens Lodge

After months of planning and anticipation, last weekend, a group of us vacationed at the Stevens Lodge.

Eric and Molly recently bought a beautiful house just north of Sacramento, and they graciously invited us to a State Fair weekend in Rocklin.

Last Friday, I packed up the essentials:


and the weekend began!

David’s friends used to joke about a Tours Cul de Sac-all their friends growing up and moving to the same
street-and last weekend, we got a peek into what that would be like.

Friday night, we drank wine on the patio, cooled off at the pool Saturday afternoon-


(stock photo from the association website-isn’t it just like a resort?)

Eric and Molly BBQ’d an incredible dinner-

And we spent the evening with Moscow Mules and games-


It was awesome. The Stevens are unbelievable hosts. They thought of every detail to make us feel like we were on vacation-decadent breakfast casserole! New shampoo and toothpaste in our private bathroom!-it was a total getaway. I about fell out of my chair when the pool DJ (yes there was one) announced appetizers for everyone in the clubhouse. Absolute vacation.

Beyond the getaway from reality, it was a blast to be with the tours friends. They are hilarious and I’m so happy we live closer and get to see more of them.

The other highlight? Watching David have the TIME OF HIS LIFE at the State Fair.

He met all the animals at the petting zoo-


played alllll the midway games he wanted-


and even won a prize!

Hoping we get invited back to Stevens Lodge State Fair Weekend 2015 :)

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