Groundbreaking study featured in NY Mag

File this under fun mid-week fluff: an NY Mag blurb recently highlighted a study finding that everyone likes you when you’re 29. Kind of absurd, but I liked this response in the Guardian-mostly because I like the way the British spell “ageing” and also, the author’s awkward early-20s memories made me laugh:

“Your late teens and early 20s are a terrible time to make friends. They’re a terrible time to do anything. You’re still working out who you are and what you’re into, and usually the only way to discover anything interesting is to make a series of temporarily disastrous mistakes. You lack any kind of perspective, you’re useless to workplaces everywhere, because your blind enthusiasm is terrifying and no one will show you how to send a fax or explain to you why fax machine use has persisted over a decade into this millennium.”

Seriously though, I still have residual copy and fax machine anxiety.

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