Honeymoon :)

On the train to Stockton and scrolling through photos. Wanted to note the happy highlights from our honeymoon to Santa Barbara :)

We stayed at the W the night of the wedding and the hotel was so generous. They upgraded us to a gorgeous suite, so in full celebrity mode, we ordered room service for breakfast Sunday morning. After watching Argentina lose in the World Cup-it would have been too perfect to have all the stars collide-we made our way to Santa Barbara.

I loved walking up to the hotel thinking, eek! We’re married! On our honeymoon!


We picked Santa Barbara because it was beautiful, convenient, and for me, sentimental. It was a delightful surprise to find that SB is also a total destination for incredible food.

Bouchon was absolutely the most romantic meal of the trip. It’s dripping with candles, cozy tables, beautiful fabrics, and the service was amazing.


Monday morning brought a cloudy forecast, so we decided to hold off on the beach. We rented cruisers and explored the Mission, Courthouse, and State Street:




Turned out the cloudy forecast wasn’t just for the morning-SB was socked in fog for our whole trip. Bummer! We’ll just have to save the poolside sun soaking for another trip.

I was still pretty buzzed from all the wedding adrenaline, but quickly slipped into a vacation routine: afternoon drinks at the pool, wine on the patio, and a fancy dinner downtown:




Dinners at Finch and Fork and Cielito were also delicious. Cielito had incredible sopesito sliders!


After dinner Tuesday, we took a “sunset” cruise. We had the whole boat to ourselves! Maybe it had something to do with there being no sun to set…Actually, it was awesome. We sat on the deck (? front part of the boat) and I’m pretty sure the background music was just Now! That’s What I Call Music Soft Rock 2002-lots of Howie Day and Coldplay. It was hilarious (and romantic!)


Later that night, we enjoyed wine and the fire pits. Then, it was one more hotel breakfast before we were on the road for our last day-driving Big Sur to Carmel.



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