Weekend highlights

On BART heading back home after the first full weekend we’ve spent at home in a while.

Mom and Dad conquered their two week cross-country trip and delivered our car Thursday night. Thank you, Mom and Dad!!! On Friday, we all went to dinner at Osmanthus in our neighborhood. David and I checked it out last weekend, and it once again wowed us with its wild and interesting flavors-like fried chicken with anise peppercorns that left our tongues feeling numb! It was just very special to be with family our new neighborhood enjoying Friday dinner.

Yesterday turned into quite the South Bay Day. We met up with Manaf, Vic and Devon at the Annex at St. Michaels Alley for brunch in Palo Alto. The restaurant was sunny and bright and it was great to catch up with them over salty salmon eggs benedict. The last time we were all together was three years ago for brunch at a Cuban restaurant near Columbia. It was great to hear the interesting things that they’re all up to-and we all toasted to living in California again:


After walking around downtown Palo Alto we made our way to Molly and John’s engagement party. The weather was lovely-I just never want to get so used to the beautiful, humidity free sunshine that I forget to relish it. It was a beautiful party and such a pleasant surprise to see so many happy friends.


To cap off South Bay Day, we drove to Melissa and John’s in Mountain View. It was Fantasy Football Draft night and absolutely hilarious to see David and his friends huddled around the living room, hunched over their laptops, drafting their picks. I enjoyed several glasses of Malbec and Melissa’s awesome peanut butter chocolate brownies.

This afternoon, we metroed into SF to try a burrito place David was curious about. It was pretty good, but I think I prefer Gordos.


It was a surprisingly gorgeous and sunny day so we decided to walk over to Golden Gate Park. The fog rolled in once we got there, but we tucked into the Conservatory for they Carnivorous Plants exhibit. Real life Little Shop
of Horrors. It was awesome.



Mr. Bress, Beth and Courtney met up with us in the park and we walked around the museums, watched a pretty wild rollerblade performance, and made our way to a sports bar close-by. It was a perfect way to end a weekend filled with catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while-in a cozy bar with a bloody mary :)

Cheers to a good weekend to kick off the busy week ahead!

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