Camping-first time

Generally, with any type of travel, I spend hours pouring over websites and blogs, researching, making reservations and planning out the details of the trip. For whatever reason, with this trip, I’ve done none of that. We leave in two hours.

We’re going camping this afternoon-and it’s my first time. In dream world, the weekend would look like this:

But in real world, I only started to think about what to pack last night. And, shocking, our “integrative pharmacy” only sells all natural bug repellent. Here’s hoping the soothing lemongrass citronella balm wards off all enemy insects.* Also, with the move, I threw out all my old sweats and comfy clothes. So, I’ve got a backpack with a sock monkey onesie I won during a white elephant gift exchange, some workout clothes, and some all natural (the pharmacy sells no Purell, but they’ve every item of Say Yes! To Carrots) face wipes.

It’s just two nights. That should be ok, right?

*Mom, our friends who are organizing the trip and generously sharing their supplies, are very prepared. They have Deet. Please don’t worry. The trip is a surprise for a friend, so I was hesitant to write this, but since I’m pretty sure only you and Janou read this, safe to say the surprise is safe*

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