Good ideas observed in Europe

Greetings from the train!


It’s Labor Day Weekend I’m joining David at a work event tonight in Stockton and tomorrow we’re driving to Irvine. It’s a quick trip-and I’m nervous about the traffic-but excited to DRIVE home. I haven’t been able to do that since college.

Last year, we were in Europe for LDW. I’ve been thinking about that trip a lot this week. Last night I watched an episode of Rick Steeves Europe, just to pretend that it was a year ago and I was preparing for an adventure.

Scrolling through my notes from the trip, I found this list:

Things to take back from Europe:

1) make a pasta salad and have a picnic with wine in Navy Yard

2) have more croissants and pan au chocolate (Trader Joes)

3) take a break for tea in the afternoon

4) more drinking outside

5) sandwiches I want to recreate:

-biscuit, hardboiled egg, cheese and ham
-Swedish: roll, havarti, cucumber, red pepper, tomato
-roll, scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, tomato sauce

6) look for an Indonesian food

7) make porridge-make oatmeal with milk

8) more biking, more walking, more picnics

9) find a good North Indian restaurant

10) find a place that does afternoon tea

11) buy cheesecloth for juicing lemons, eventually get a lemon juicier

We’ve done a lot more picnicking and can check off #11-thank you wedding registry. The others-they make for a good autumn resolution list :)

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