Friday, 9:00 pm

It’s 9:00 on a Friday night and…David’s asleep on the couch and I’m on Facebook/Instagram. PARTY ANIMALS.

Since this is shaping up to be a quiet weekend (and I’m actually prettttty excited about that) just wanted to remember some highlights from last weekend.

After an awesome event at Huddle Friday night, with bellies full of breakfast quesadillas from Mi Ranchito, David and I hit the road for Irvine Saturday morning. The drive was easy until LA/OC, but eve that wasn’t terrible. We spent the rest of the weekend just relaxing with my parents and enjoying good food.

We went to an Angels game:


(Would have been awesome if we were Angels fans but they crushed the A’s, much to David’s dismay. The hot dogs and French fries-and company!-were great)

Spent the afternoon at the beach:



It was hot! Made the water that much more refreshing.

And explored an awesome new food hall in Anaheim.



On our first loop through the food hall, David and I quickly vetoed the insane line at Popbar, a Popsicle gelato place. By our second loop, we joined the masses, curious to see if the wait was worth it. Still not sure, but it was a neat concept that I’m sure will take off and be replicated elsewhere. Also-while fiercely people watching/eavesdropping waiting in line, I observed the STRANGEST thing. This woman had her phone attached to a pole that she held out to take selfies. I’m absolutely not judging the selfie (if there’s someone else in it, see above) but this was another level. This woman must have literally taken hundreds of photos of herself-just in the line. Last night I went to dinner with colleagues in SF and saw someone with the phone-extender-pole. Is this a thing now?

Anyway, it was fun exploring a new food place and watching Dad show us around Anaheim and the Lab. On Saturday night we had drinks at Playground after the game, and it was fun to explore downtown Santa Ana with Mom.



On the way back north, we stopped to check out Grand Central Market. I had heard about G and B coffee and Eggslut and was curious to check it out. The line at Eggslut was INSANE so we settled into a booth at Wexlers deli and enjoyed lox and bagels. The G and B coffee wait was also a half hour, but I braved it, eager to satisfy my curiosity, and craving, for the macadamia almond milk iced tea. It was worth it.

Another week flew by and now-hello, weekend!

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