CHIM Wedding

Last Friday, after waiting for traffic to die down, I hopped in my car and drove three hours north to Redding. The destination? CHIM Wedding.

Katie and her best friend Kim grew up together in Redding. I met Kim in 2010 when she was visiting Katie in Baltimore while studying in DC at Georgetown (small world-she and Budak did the same MPP program!). Kim is a blast-from fun times in Bmore, SF, Vegas and Katie’s wedding-she’s just always been one of my favorite friends of friends. When she told Katie about her plans for a backyard celebration, Katie’s wedding logistics antenna went up and she recommended Kim have someone there to help manage the day.

Enter me! Haha-knowing Katie would be in CA for the weekend AND Kim would have an awesome wedding, of course, I was eager to elbow my way into the festivities.

So bright and early Saturday morning, after loading up on bridal party mimosa essentials, Katie and I arrived at Kim’s house ready for wedding prep! The rest of the day was a happy blur of flower assembly, vendor coordination, wedding party management, ceremony timing, reception facilitating and finally dancing! It was a full day and I LOVED it. Kim and Charlie thoughtfully, and laboriously, pulled together an absolutely stunning wedding. From the wildflower bouquets, harvested and arranged by her aunt, to the 250 cupcakes baked by Charlie’s mom, to the HANDMADE pews from wood chopped and assembled by the couple-it was unbelievable. I only wish I had more photos! Here are a few of the highlights I remembered to capture:


Gorgeous flowers arranged by Kim’s aunt


The beautiful backyard during the ceremony


The sun decided to put on a show just before dinner-check out that sunset!


Spending some QT with these two QTs


KMB killing it during her MOH toast


Celebrating the gorgeous bride! How lovely is her dress?

It was an awesome day. I was exhausted Sunday, and enjoyed a quite day. Katie and Dave flew out of Oakland on Monday and so we got the extra treat of a Sunday night dinner all together! It was so, so wonderful to sit around the table, drinking Chardonnay and enjoying Zachary’s pizza, and laughing with our friends. I was so sad to say goodbye, but comforted by the fact I’ll be reunited with Janou and Katie in 8 days!


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