Quick trip to Chicago

wrote this on the plane Thursday night-
I find consultants who travel weekly fascinating. A few years ago, David’s friend Andrew, then a consultant, stayed with him in Baltimore. He had two suitcases and that was life. He didn’t have an apartment. During the week, he flew somewhere new for work and on the weekends, he’d visit friends or fly to his parents house for laundry. I remember thinking it sounded terribly exciting-Austin this week! Then Denver! New York! Andrew said it was exhausting.

Still, I often wish I could do more work travel. Mostly because I know this is the time to do it-I have no obligations-and also because I actually like the theater of travel.

So, I jumped at the chance to go to a conference this week in Chicago. The conference was eye opening-I learned a lot. In DC I got to go to a lot of conferences and at times they seemed repetitive-a lot of the same info and people I saw regularly in DC. Since I’ve been away from that, I relished the novelty of the sessions and left energized by conversations with inspiring collagues.

Also-it was Chicago! The agenda was packed and there wasn’t time for sight-seeing, but I managed a few glimpses at the city. During a short break, I went for a run along the lake. I started out going north and when I turned around to head back, this was the view:



The conference hosted a reception in the Gene Siskel Theater and seeing these two faces brought back happy memories. If I picture Sunday nights growing up, I see my mom ironing, managing piles of laundry, and watching Siskel and Ebert. Another reminder of how my incredible mom was always taking care of something.


The walk back from the theater was beautiful. Those few blocks along Michigan Avenue between Ontario and Wacker just sparkle.


For probably the first time in my adult life, I forgot to pack yoga pants, so I’m sitting on the plane in a stuffy suit dress and heals. Excited to get cozy and get home!

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