It’s only 7:45 but it feels like midnight! After relishing the extra hour and waking up to sunshine yesterday, I remembered the dark side of daylight savings (ha) when the sun went down in the afternoon. The only thing left to do was wrap up work, get home, get in sweats, and have breakfast for dinner.

Also, wanted to remember a few highlights from the last few weeks:

Celebrating these two beauties birthdays!


Lauren and Heather turned 30 in September and last weekend we celebrated in Napa.

We checked out three wineries:

William Hill



(My favorite-best wine and view)

Van de Heyden



(very sweet, family run with an awesome view of a rainbow!)

And Black Stallion:


(Huge and kind of over-the-top, but good wine and generous pours)

I’ve heard people say Napa is too ritzy and commercial and Sonoma is the perfect spot, but I really liked the three wineries we visited. My favorite part of the weekend was sitting in the hotel lobby in the evening during “tasting hour” and devouring creamy Brie cheese and crackers and laughing with Heather and Lauren. It was so cozy just sitting, catching up and swapping stories over yummy wine and cheese-nothing better than that.

It was such a simple trip-I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get there! Hope to return soon.

This weekend we stayed closer to home. On Friday night, Kim generously invited us to her apartment for Halloween. The shark made his annual appearance-Halloween is probably David’s favorite time of the year. I threw together a Christmas tree costume based on random ornaments and garland I found at Goowill at 4:00 that afternoon:



It was a great time, and we certainly spent the next day being the Laziest People Ever. We turned the lazy weekend around yesterday, waking up bright and early to make the most of the day. It was a spectacularly clear, sunny day-perfect for an afternoon in Point Reyes. We had an early lunch at Cowgirl Creamery and made our way to Drakes Bay Beach:



(Yes, that is a completely empty beach. Where was everyone on such a beautiful day?)

A lot of them were at the Lighthouse-our next stop after some beach reading. The livestock along the beach cliffs is awesome-cows! Goats! Deer! All enjoying the view.



The lighthouse was impressive. I often forget California had quite a few historic monuments that go back more than a hundred years. It was fascinating to think about the lighthouse in the 1870s and read the lighthouse watcher’s log-it was kind of like an HR log-lots of personnel tension. Apparently, the wind can be crazy and the lighthouse is often trapped in fog, but it was crystal clear and incredible yesterday:



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