Early Christmas

Today at work, I took the plunge. It’s still more than two weeks till Thanksgiving, but my willpower failed me. I ventured from my usual Pandora Yoga to the Jazz Holidays station. After a few hours, I cut myself off. I’ve yet to let myself fall into “Peaceful Holidays” territory-after that I’m totally sunk-but it was just enough to get me thinking about Christmas.

And, as I sit here smelling the crisp pine scent of a Winter Forest candle (it’s a slippery slope), I wonder-what’s the point of resisting? I’m ready for to get excited for the holidays. I always try to wait till after Thanksgiving, worried the novelty and excitement will wear off. This year, I want to savor the season. I want to be more intentional in thinking about the end of the year, and focusing on those in need. I want to be more thoughtful overall, and reflect on gratitude for this season, family, friends, security, everything.

So, hello holiday season 2014! Though we’ll hold off a while longer on getting a tree, I decided to jump into one of my favorite things-Christmas Romantic Comedies. My plan is to curl up with one once a week-there’s six weeks until Christmas:

While you Were Sleeping



This movie left such an impression on me when I first saw it as a child. It further solidified my thinking that Chicago was a magical place, with the warmest people, and coziest Christmases. Not too far off? It’s been years since I watched this in its entirety-I can’t wait.

White Christmas



You know that scene when they’re on the train and they make a snow mountain out of water glasses and napkins? And trees-maybe out of parsley? Pine needles? As a child, I thought that as the most clever thing in the world. This movie also introduced me to the concept of late night snacks and counting your blessings when you can’t sleep.

Sleepless in Seattle



Given that this movie is a Tom/Meg/Nora classic, based on An Affair to Remember and features Baltimore, it’s surprising I’ve hardly watched it. I honesty can’t remember the last time if/when I watched it in its entirety-embarassing. This is first in the queue.

You’ve Got Mail



Fall and Spring are the seasonal stars in Joe and Kathleen’s story-Christmas is actually one of the low points. Still, it’s so comforting, it was released at Christmas, and just makes everything warm and bright-I’m watching it again.

Bridget Jones Diary


Mr. Darcy: I realize that when I met you at the Turkey Curry Buffet I was unforgiveably rude… and wearing a reindeer jumper… that my mother had given me the day before. But the thing is, uhm, what I’m trying to say, very inarticulately, is that, uhm, in fact, perhaps despite appearances, I like you. Very much.

Bridget: [Bitterly] Apart from the smoking and the drinking and the vulgar mother and the verbal diarrhea…

Mr. Darcy: No, I like you very much. Just as you are.

***Cue Van Morrison’s Someone Like You!!***

I mean, is there anything better than that moment??

This is the only film on the list to rent from iTunes-the rest are all on Netflix or Prime-hooray!

Love Actually

We’re Here!

The piece de resistance, the creme dela creme, the best movie of them all. I literally skipped out of the theater in joy when I first saw this-I was not that young, it was after finals-Freshman year. I love watching this movie alone, with friends, with my family, with David, it’s always, always, always a happy memory. Trying to figure out what to walk down the aisle to was one of the easiest wedding decisions-PM’s Love Theme-easy. It’s laughter, tears, music, sentiment, sarcasm, everything.

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