C25-a really bad draw on Southwest. However, thanks to some crafty seniors, piling up their coats in the middle seat, I snagged a front row (middle) seat for the flight to Vegas from Columbus-hooray!

Even better-enlightening conversation with the sweet couple. After several days in DC where, despite my best efforts, I got sentimental and let my mind wander about what it means to move, I found this couple fascinating. At 75 years old, after living most of their lives in LA (Topanga Canyon) they moved to Ohio to be closer to their son and grandkids.

It was 20 degrees today in Columbus.

“I really miss LA,” the grandma said. (So strange how you can spend an afternoon talking to someone on a plane and forget to ask their name).

Still, as she explained, when her grandkids called and asked her to come over, and she had to explain she couldn’t drive over (“so drive the plane!” they said), the couple knew it was time for a big move.

At 75!

She explained that she missed LA, but it was the right thing to do-and she lit up talking about her kids and grandkids.

It was a good wake-up call. Listening to her, I felt pretty absurd for all of my whining and wistfulness over a move, at 29 from DC back to California.

Thank you, kind older couple, for your middle seat and frank conversation.

Now I’m boarding the flight from Vegas back to Oakland. After few awesome days in DC and today in Columbus, I’m excited to get home :)

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