Tahoe Turkeys

Thanksgiving break starts tomorrow-hooray!! I’m in my anxious/excited/night before a big trip mode, so to calm down, some reflection on the early Thanksgiving last weekend.

We hadn’t even left Yosemite before we started planning the next event. A Friendsgiving? A Tahoe weekend? A Friendsgiving in Tahoe?? Done.

So after weeks of e-mails, Google docs, and anticipation, last Friday, 14 of us arrived in Tahoe for our Friendsgiving weekend.


There was so much goodness wrapped up in this weekend. First, the house. It was was huge-everyone had their own room-but cozy and warm, with comfy couches, a fireplace, a hot tub and more. The guest book was filled with photos of family reunions, and the owners clearly thought of every detail-down to the kitchen, stocked with full wine glasses and pretty serving trays.

The only bummer was a total buzzkill moment when I had to go to immediate care for a silly skin infection. It was annoying and I was pouty, sad to miss all the fun. What if everyone is hiking? Exploring Tahoe? But when David and I got back to the house Saturday morning, we were greeted by everyone, still comfy in their PJs, sitting down to quiches and coffee. We hadn’t missed anything and quickly sunk into a very relaxing day of cooking, wine, corn hole, and naps.

Melissa, Kaitlyn and Narges prepping appetizers

Molly and Shaiya, preparing stuffing for an army, Eric and Sachin, making homemade pedialite

Kirsten and Jon-footballnapping

Yasser, Zac, Brian and David in the backyard

Later that day, David and I took a walk by the lake. Checking another CA destination off the list-first trip to Tahoe, and with these views, I hope we go back soon:


Saturday night was Friendsgiving. We dressed up, Zac made incredible cocktails, Jon’s turkey was on point, and the sides were hearty and comforting.

Thanksgiving dinner is special for David and me. It’s the first tradition we shared together, just the two of us, when we first moved to the East Coast. Over the years, we’ve made many happy memories with dinners with friends, and a few incredible trips. Looking around the table on Saturday, filled with gratitude, I tried to soak in the moment, this special and brief moment in our lives, when we’re young with this flexibility yet still grownup enough to have the luxury to be together, just for fun.



So, so thankful!

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